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Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is an integrative healing modality that helps support your journey to wellness. It integrates classical yoga practices, combined with complementary medicine to help restore balance and assist individuals with conditions such as pre and post natal, stress, injuries, cancer, PTSD, grief, and various imbalances, sensitivites and dis-abilities. It is also a powerful tool for prevention.


The heart of Yoga Therapy believes that we are holistic beings made of body, mind and spirit. These elements, when balanced, help to nurture and sustain an overall sense of well-being.


As Yoga has become more mainstream, conventional Western medicine has also embraced this science as a healing modality to reduce stress, enhance immune function, reduce pain and promote a healthier lifestyle. Read the article, The Scientific Basis of Yoga Therapy here.


Why Yoga Therapy versus a regular Yoga class?

Yoga Therapy is recommended for those who have a condition where it might be unsafe or uncomfortable to participate in a group class. For example, let's say you have carpal tunnel and you go to a yoga class that happens to have lots of weight bearing on the hands and wrists, or perhaps you are recovering from whiplash or back pain from a car accident, or suffer from PTSD and don't do well in crowds... working with a Yoga Therapist means you will be given personalized breathing exercises, poses, stretches, and lifestyle recommendations specific to what is necessary to restore balance in your life. Yoga is not one-size-fits-all, nor should your practice be.


It is important to note that Yoga Therapists require specific training, which is different from a regular Yoga training program. Yoga Therapists are not doctors and do not diagnose injuries or illness. Yoga Therapy is a form of complementary therapy that can be used in conjunction with Western medicine and other healing modalities. For serious medical conditions, a doctor's consent is required before beginning a Yoga Therapy program.











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