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Erin Fukuda is a multidisciplinary yoga therapist, personal trainer and co-founder of MostFit. She left her corporate job to pursue her passion in fitness so she could assist others in feeling better from the inside out, take proactive and preventative steps to stay healthy and injury-free, and improve overall quality of life. Fitness, yoga, breath-work and spending time in nature were some of the tools that helped her overcome various health challenges, including eating disorders, anxiety and injuries. Erin says, “Our body is an amazing vehicle that can be used to facilitate change and recognize our infinite potential. As the body gets stronger, more balanced and flexible, the mind follows.” So, too, does a sense of well-being and self-confidence that is celebrated in all facets of her work. 


Erin works with her client's lifestyles and understands no one person is alike. No matter your age or ability, she is adaptive and responsive to beginners, recreational and competitive athletes, injuries, hormone changes, and is a proponent of Health at Every Size (HAES). Erin provides a supportive and compassionate environment to empower her clients to strengthen their minds and bodies, improve cognitive health, create healthier habits, boost immunity, decrease stress, reduce pain and restore balance.  She has worked at gyms, yoga studios, taught corporate wellness classes for companies big and small, and has years of experience teaching groups and individuals at eating disorder clinics and drug and alcohol rehab centers. She currently teaches privately and sees clients in their homes and offices and at her home gym. 

Erin is a recreational gardener, hiker, rock climber, animal lover, traveler, aromatherapy & YL essential oil enthusiast and martial arts practitioner.



BA Fashion Design, American College for the Applied Arts​
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Emperor’s College (INC) 

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

NFPT-CPT Personal Trainer

NFPT Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

MedFit Personal Trainer

CPR, BLS Certified with the American Heart Association

Connected Warrior Training

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