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Here’s what some clients have said about their sessions with Erin:

“Erin’s private yoga classes have provided numerous benefits to me, including the following: (1.) significant strengthening of my back and inner core (critical as I have had back problems in the past, (2.) stress reduction leading to better decisions, (3.) greater overall focus on health which has helped me in my diet, and (4.) yoga helps me stretch, which  reduces  muscle soreness after doing other exercises  to achieve my physical fitness goals. I highly recommend Erin’s overall approach to yoga.”


-MR, 65, Businessman

“I have been heavy most of my life with a lot of joint pain from carrying the extra weight. After my workouts began with Erin, the joint pain went away and my body is stronger and more toned than when I was in my 20’s. My workouts with Erin are never boring. She always has something new she puts into our workouts, from Yoga, Boxing, or Suspension training. Erin is an incredible inspiration to me. No matter your size, age, or physical capabilities, Erin is the trainer of all trainers.”


-SL, Accounting Manager

“I love doing yoga with Erin for many reasons. I for one, never really enjoyed or liked yoga. I decided to give Erin a try. I have a very difficult time relaxing. Erin’s tone in her voice and her flow through the hour of instruction completely takes you to another dimension. I have some difficulties with some of the poses and she is able to assist me in getting the pose the best that I can. She has also taught me how to breathe and the importance of bringing peace to me. I love yoga with Erin. Everyone should experience the very special gift this amazing woman has.” 

–LD, 53, Executive Assistant


"Erin's compassionate coaching style has helped me turn the impossible to possible. I was able to finish my first "frozen" Spartan Race like a fearless warrior with full confidence. My level of energy and productivity have skyrocketed. If you need a real transformation, look no further. The sensei is in town :)"

-N. Hoang, 46, Media engineer


“Erin is an outstanding yoga teacher. She comes from her heart and lives through her heart. I love her. I met her through a referral for private yoga training. She really creates a practice that is just right for each person she works with. She’s always on time and ready to go, full of healing, peaceful energy. Whenever she comes over, my day rocks. I think she is one of the best healers in LA.”

-Lisa Haisha, Soulblazer & Author of "Whispers from Children's Hearts"

"The injury to my IT band that so discouraged and disheartened me for 6 months turned out to be the best thing to happen to me.  That is, once I decided to stop pouting and do something about it!  I started working with Erin in May in order to recover from my IT band injury.  I wanted desperately to be able  to run in the summer  as I do  every summer.  Instead, I learned a whole new way to exercise that has not only repaired my IT band but has made my entire body stronger, leaner and more flexible.   I get compliments all the time, and they started after only 1 month of working with Erin!
Erin has helped me with so much more than I ever expected!   I have a degenerative disease of the muscles/ nerves called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT).  This disease weakens and atrophies the lower leg, hand and foot muscles which probably contributed to my injury.  My orthopedic doctor told me I had to get these muscles strengthened.  I couldn’t just rest and expect to recover.  I wanted to fix the problem myself, but I had to realize I could not recover on my own.  After this conversation I finally got the courage to ask Erin for help.
The CMT weakens my leg muscles and causes difficulty with balance.  I have fallen many times when stepping on small rocks due to poor ankle and leg strength as well as poor balance.  Another effect of the CMT is muscle cramping that sometimes wakes me up in the night with sudden pain and bothers me throughout the day.  After working with Erin for the past 2 months I don’t get muscle cramps anymore.   I can’t explain why; it just isn’t a problem.  In addition to the CMT I have always struggled with anxiety.  I am a high achiever and I always want to excel at whatever I am doing.  This often leads to severe tension headaches.  Erin asked me the other day about my headaches and I realized that I couldn’t remember when I last had one.  The headaches and tension that I used to experience dissipated after I began working with Erin.
I used to go to Yoga classes and other fitness classes and I would always wish I had someone who could help me with what I specifically needed help with:  strengthen my foot and hand muscles, help me with my balance, strength and flexibility, and the reduction of anxiety and tension.  For years I thought this, but I did not know how to pursue a solution for myself.  My injury led me to where I needed to be!   Now when I work with Erin a feeling of gratitude comes over me because now I have what I had always wished for!  The progress that I have made in just 2 months is amazing!  I am so grateful to Erin for her expertise and guidance."

- J. Ryback, 52, Teacher


"I first met Erin when she was a student of mine at Emperors College. Right away  it became apparent that she had a thirst for knowledge and valued her feminine strength of compassion, clarity and courage in everything she does.
As a client of hers, she was not just a yoga teacher/therapist, but a spiritual teacher of life. This combination truly facilitates healing, changing health behavior and deepens a clients existing life journey.
Her teaching style is that of what I call " A Positive Parent" What this means is that Erin provides structure and guidance and is an advocate to her clients. I have been a professor of integrated medicine and Buddhist Psychology for 40 years. For me as one of her professors and a client, Erin is the benchmark for treatment in yoga as well as in spiritual counseling and guidance. I would and have recommended clients, family and friends and will continue to."


- Stephen C. Rosen Ph.D

"I attended my very first yoga class with Erin at The Hub and was completely out of my comfort zone as I am not flexible at all. My first class with Erin was a brilliant experience. Erin guides you with a mixture of technique, spirituality and personal attention. I have been taking Erin's classes, twice a week for almost two months now and I can tell that my body has changed (my core is stronger and I am a lot more flexible) and feel more balanced and at ease after her classes both physically and mentally. Erin is a great teacher, her classes are always different, no time to get bored, focused on every person that participates and the information that she gives during the class in regards to the practice are encouraging. I have brought friends to Erin's classes and everybody agrees that Erin is a great teacher with a lot of compassion and great positive energy. Thank you Erin for guiding me through this valuable experience!!! Namaste."


- Kostas Michals, Retail Manager

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